travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

travelosophy and an excuse to post a few old photos

two blog posts in a day? this is nuts! i am nuts!

WELL. I’ve now read two things today that have me all wanderlusty and rearing to book a plane ticket to another land by another name. First, Bobbi from Today, I’m Bobbi posted on the Ups and Downs of Travel and NAILED IT. If you’ve ever lived abroad or traveled for an extended period of time, you’re going to give yourself whip lash from nodding in agreement so much. This is on point, I’m telling you. Next, my favorite pretend BFF (Zan: “Just best friends? I thought you were seeing him.” He’s so funny!), Seth Kugel, otherwise known as the New York Time’s Frugal Traveler, did an interview with Nomadic Matt, and it is wonderful. It’s so good I read it twice. Okay, okay, three times.

When asked what “frugal” means to him, he answered with my travel philosophy. Okay, his travel philosophy. But it’s mine, too.

Frugal to me means, at the very least, avoiding spending on unnecessary comforts – nice hotels, fancy restaurants, organized excursions. It probably includes giving up some niceties you enjoy at home – a comfy mattress, organic produce, a car.

But at its very essence is the belief that spending less almost inevitably leads to experiencing more, and that the best travel experiences are built on avoiding just about everything the travel industry wants you to do.

Do you have a travelosophy? Do you prefer cruises and resorts or charting the uncharted?

Read Frugal Traveler’s full interview here.

Miyajima Island in Japan. we took a train to a ferry and ate street food to see the view.

we could’ve flown from our city in Japan, but it was cheaper to take an overnight ferry to Seoul, a flight to Beijing and a 3 hour bus ride.

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