travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

xs and os, thankful


From the pale (pail) to the bright, I’m thankful for the man who lights up my life.

We’re – Zan, Matt, Theo and I – driving to Georgia today for Thanksgiving. Matt and I met in high school, and his family is still in GA. We’ll be dropping him off near Athens and trekking the remaining 90 minutes or so to my hometown. Newnan. It’s the first time I’m introducing Zan, or any man, to my family. I’m nervous and excited. We come from seemingly different worlds and as unnerving as it is to show him mine, it’s also liberating. My brother asked if I feel like Sweet Home Alabama. I’m still giggling at him knowing the reference and making it – but ya know, I kinda do!

Also, have you traveled with a hyperactive dog in a car for 12 hours?

I’m going to need all the luck wishing and tip giving y’all have got.

I love you, Z. xo


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2 thoughts on “xs and os, thankful

  1. I feel like I’m super lucky to have met you just over a year ago to see all the changes you’ve gone through in such a short time. I’m very happy for you and Zan!

    My only tip for the Bagle Hound on the car trip is: no matter how annoying he may get, don’t let Matt tie him to the roof!

  2. Good luck to both of us! Lunch or happy hour next week for a recap/dish session???

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