travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

my least favorite things

but this guy is my favorite thing

I embrace positivity. I’m all hippie-dippie and believe that a positive, sense of humor-infused outlook on life will steer the trajectory of events the way you’d like them to go, and when it doesn’t, you’ll be able to laugh at it. Today is one of those, “you’ll be able to laugh at it” kind of days. Like nothing so serious is wrong that I can’t see the ridiculousness in my hurt feelings and pity-party bummed out’ness. My problems are relatively minor. So when I joked with my roommate and old friend, Matt, over a picnic lunch today (bomb), about wanting to ditch the rainbows and sunshine and be all Debbie Downer, he jumped on board. He asked me a dozen of my least favorite things, until I laughed. He took it to the extreme, letting me see that all that negativity isn’t me… but it sure can be fun.

my least favorite DC

quadrant Virginia.

cliche black, blue, gray. repeat.


restaurant I feel like the politically correct answer is, “The Chick-fil-a food truck.”

bar Smith Commons… be careful where you step, the floor is cluttered with douchebagsss (oh snap, burn, sizzle!)!

traffic circle I have yet to navigate one without getting hopelessly lost.

twitter trend  ALL OF THE THINGS

obsession novelty, boutiquey Mexican restaurants. The burrito should not be a high class, privileged affair.

bus G2. If the gaps between buses were any longer, it would stop running.

politician John Boehner would filibuster a poker game if he weren’t winning.

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2 thoughts on “my least favorite things

  1. Hi! Your friend Melanie from ‘The Things They Made’ told me to come here and say ‘Hi’ to Theo, because I told her how much I love dogs with floppy ears. I’ve got two at home.

    “Hello there Theo, so nice to meet you” 😉

    So funny he likes to sit under the table like that. My pup Patrick is the same way.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for commenting! I adore floppy ears, too. Theo’s a basset/beagle mix (a bagle hound), and sometimes I wish his ears were EVEN FLOPPIER. haha Can’t wait to read your blog!

      In dog & blog-loving, Cyndi

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