travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

Beantown, frosting included

I visited my best and oldest friend, Mel, this weekend in Boston. In case there’s any question of authenticity on this blog, I bussed up there – we’re talking $80 roundtrip, 10 hours both way, sleeping with my head inside my sweatshirt because it was so cold, cost-saving measures. But it was worth it.

She and her boyfriend recently got a place together. Right after they signed the lease, they celebrated her 26th birthday. When she offhandedly invited me to come celebrate both at her new apartment, I surprised us both, I think, by saying yes. The last time I went to Boston was almost two years ago (why is time moving at WARPED SPEED?!). The morning I got there (at 5:00am!) off my overnight bus, she laughed as she hugged me and introduced me to the guy she’d been talking to for a few weeks and gone on her first date with the night before. Fast forward to this weekend, and I finally had the chance to get to know that guy.

With us, it’s so easy to be reunited.  There’s no pomp and rarely are there extravagant plans; we’re at our best in PJs. We were at our best a lot this weekend. We baked, shopped, baked some more and talked our way through the two days we had together. As Mel said, “I’m glad this isn’t a one time thing.” That’s exactly how I felt about the chocolate espresso cake we made from scratch, frosting included.

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