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How I felt when I booked tickets to Mexico

I took a deep breath – who am I kidding? I didn’t even breathe – and I, without another thought, hit the “take me far away” button on Kayak and BAM, I’m going to Mexico next February! This trip has been a long time coming. I feel like I’ve been opining about all things Latin and Latin American and Mexican for SOME TIME now. I’ve drug Zander into my daydreams of Mayan ruins and beautiful Caribbean shorelines, too. He hasn’t been quite as gung-ho as I am (I don’t fault him, it’d be hard to match my manic level of pumped!), but he excitedly jumped on board when, due to an AirTran mess-up, I received a complimentary round trip voucher to any of their destinations.

For months, we’ve waged war over whether to travel to Mexico (me, obvi!) or Costa Rica (him, also a worthy destination…… I suppose!), but in the end, AirTran flies to Cancun, which is only a two-hour bus ride from Tulum, my current dream Mexican adventure destination and thus, due to a glitch, Mexico it is!

I have 4.5 months to figure out how to budget out the cost of the rest of the trip (hotels aren’t cheap, even in kinda-sorta-off-the-beaten-path Tulum!), and I’ve already broken out my pen, pad, calculator and budget notebook. Zan says he doesn’t travel much because ultimately he’ll end up putting more on his credit cards while he’s trying to pay them off. Clearly, this boy hasn’t traveled with me! My goal is for us both to have anything we pre-pay for this trip paid off by the time we leave + a guesstimated amount of spending money saved. Eeeeek! Think we can do it?! I’m sure to chart our progress on that uphill battle right here.

And with that, well, I’m back 🙂

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One thought on “How I felt when I booked tickets to Mexico

  1. Congrats! I’ve done that trip and it was amazing. What you should do is to RENT A JEEP!! Yup. It’s actually not that expensive and have your hotel in Cancun to arrange it for you for a good price. There’s a hotel right across the “street” from the ruins. It’s like in this super awesome hut/cabin. You guys will have a great time!!

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