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Thai Square

Remember when I waxed poetic about Thai Square in Arlington? Now, finally, I can wax nostalgic about it.

Post Great Falls rain hike fuel with Matt & Randall. It looks like a hole in the wall, but we felt a little too disheveled and dirty once we were inside!

First course: spring rolls and sun-dried beef. The rolls are perfectly fried, and you can taste the shiitake mushrooms used in them.This picture doesn’t show the beef in the best light, but it’s quite good. The red sauce is spicy; it’s a perfect starter dish to share.

Second course: noodles and curry! Randall got chicken panang (top left); Matt got pad see ew (right) and I got my standard, drunken noodles (below). Panang is traditionally heavy on coconut milk and medium on spice. They nailed it. It had a great flavor. Matt’s pad see ew stole the show. It’s smoky. My pad kee mao didn’t impress. It had the right amount of spice, but it carried a strong chargrilled flavor that didn’t stop me from eating it, but kept me nibbling at Matt and Randall’s dishes.

My first words when we sat down were, “No matter HOW FULL I get, we have to order mango and sticky rice!” So we did. It’s my favorite dessert, and it did not disappoint at Thai Square.

I really, really love mango and sticky rice. Did I mention that?!

When we walked in for lunch on a Saturday, the restaurant was 3/4 full of Thai nationals. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will!

Our meal came to about $22 each, but as you saw, we ate everything (and ordered sodas/beer). They have great lunch specials for $7.95, but unfortunately the deal is only Monday-Friday. On a weekend, you can expect to eat for $12-15, including tip, if you skip the appetizers and drinks.

Thai Square Menu

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  1. watcher16 on said:

    The fried beef doesn’t look so appealing in that picture…

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