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brave natitude

My favorite time to be in Nationals Stadium comes during the seventh inning, when all 40,000 baseball fans stand up and sing, yes, you guessed it, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” I don’t think I’ve ever even had a cracker jack, but I belt it like keeping my social security card depends on it.

Unfortunately, Matt, Randall and I didn’t make it that far during last Friday night’s Braves-Nationals game…

Randall came to visit this weekend. He’s one of my oldest friends; we’re going on 15 years. That’s, like, a lot. A lot a lot. So many, in fact, we can have entire conversations comprised solely of inside jokes. We’re really cool like that.

When he booked his flight, we ventured to find unique activities, things he hadn’t done in D.C. I’d say we outdid ourselves; we had an awesome weekend, most all of it $50 weekend approved! Since we’re both from Georgia, as is my roommate and close friend Matt, we had to see the ball game. The only problem was… I may be a Georgia peach, but after two years in D.C., I couldn’t pick which team to root on!

After a couple of margaritas at Bullpen, the open air bar directly across from the Navy Yard metro exit, I too-easily talked myself into a $5 Braves hat on the way into the stadium. Even with the hat, I split my allegiance down the middle – rooting for the Braves to win, but involuntarily whooping and hollering at every Nats success, much to Randall’s chagrin.

By the 5th inning and the ensuing rain storm, with the Nats four runs ahead, we decided to head out from the game. We were not in our right minds! It ended up being a heart-thumping, intense game all the way to the 10th inning. The Braves made a giant comeback to best the Nats 11-10 in our own stadium.

Meanwhile… we ventured over to Nelly’s Sports Bar on U Street for a brew. We ended our night with late-night Horace and Dickies and H &Pizza by the house, and saddest of all, we all crashed before midnight. We are PARTYERS, y’all!

We got upper level tickets for $25, which is not a steal. You can get tix as inexpensive as $5-10 for Nats games. Make sure to also check out their Beltway Burger Pack – for $32 with taxes and fees, you get a ticket for the game (great seats!), a burger, fries and a soda or water. The lines are long for the food, but it’s worth it!

Last summer, Nats frenzy went right past me. I didn’t attend a single game. This summer, I’ve been to three and will definitely be screaming for Bryce Harper at a few more before the season ends. All I have left to do is order some cracker jacks.

Word to the wise: their margaritas pack a punch!

Photo bombing your own camera? Classy!

Yes, yes Matt (left) and Randall (right) are wearing the same pants. Yep, that happened!

Step Up 5: Bullpen

The Peach State Kids.

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