travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

Mexican fiesta!

From vineyards in Verona to mole in Mexico, my wanderlust knows no borders. I remember living in Los Angeles in 2008, the summer before my last semester of undergrad, and going salsa dancing at a dive bar next to my studio in Hollywood. A suave, stereotypically sexy Latin man spun me until the phrase “swept me off my feet” felt real.

I can’t wait to get to Mexico.


Until I can make it to Mexico, I live la vida loca right here in the District.

Last Friday night, Zan’s and my good friends Marty and Kim invited us to their Dupont Casa for Mexican night. They supplied the homemade enchiladas, and we brought chips and salsa, guacamole and dessert. We drank mucho wine, the bottles extending into the wee hours of the next morning.

On top of having an incredible, pressure-free, laid back time with friends, the icing on the cake (cinnamon sugar on the churros?) is how inexpensive these evenings can be. Living in D.C., even I – perpetually broke, on-a-budget girl, get caught up in the foodie, wino, event-driven culture. It can get socially and financially fatiguing to constantly go-go-go. Sometimes a night in with friends is better than all of the pizzazz of the city.

Bucket list: visit an avocado orchard in Mexico (picture from

Zan and I spent maybe $20 total on desserts, guacamole fixins, chips and Red Hill Farm salsa (the best! sold at Whole Foods). Marty & Kim probably spent about the same on ingredients for enchiladas.

Bucket list: sunrise yoga on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. I can’t get enough of Emilie Johnson’s Tulum pictures…

On our way to Marty and Kim’s, Zan and I stopped at La Frontera Cantina at 17th and R NW. It has abysmal Yelp! reviews, but we enjoyed it! The margaritas are solid and at $4 during their extra long happy hour (4pm-8pm!), can’t be matched in the city. The service deserved the 2 star reviews, however, and we didn’t try the food, so perhaps that’s their other flaw? Either way, we’ll be back for happy hour!

I love nights like those. They’re the nights when friendships are deepened and maintained, the ones whose memories stay vibrant. I’ve known Marty for not quite a year and a half, and Kim at least eight months of those. After our Mexican fiesta, it feels much longer.

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4 thoughts on “Mexican fiesta!

  1. I love Mexican night, too! We did veggie tacos a couple of weeks ago, and it was so good! Also, my currently coveted vacation is this vegan yoga retreat in Mexico:

  2. Mmmm veggie tacos sound SO good! I have guac at home and am counting down the hours until I can get back to it! What’s up with yoga in Mexico?! I had no clue it was so popular. I stumbled upon Tulum, and it was an added bonus that it’s a popular yogi destination. That retreat looks incredible!

  3. watcher16 on said:

    I’ll go to Mexico with you!

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