travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

on the boardwalk…

I didn’t know 1960s style arcades still existed, let alone their prices. Did you?

Last week I stumbled into two vacation days, and Zander decided to take them off with me. He invited me out to Rehoboth Beach, DE for a “minication.” This was poignant for two reasons: 1) his parents live there, and I hadn’t met them yet. 2) Well, refer to #1.

I didn’t hesitate to say yes; I was nervous to meet his parents but excited to spend a few days on the beach and in the community where Zan spent so many of his formative years.

Rehoboth is beautiful. We walked barefoot in the sand along the breaking shore in the late afternoon sunlight happy just to be somewhere else, somewhere new together. We filled our ever too short days to the brim with relaxation, sunshine, decadent meals and myriad wines.

Meeting the ‘rents was special and wonderful. They introduced me to their friends – bartenders, chefs and neighborhood couples, welcoming me into their lives, past and present.

Our first night there, they took us to their favorite restaurant in town, Shorebreak. Besides the mouthwatering edamame hummus, what stood out most at that dinner was Zan’s parents teasing him about his high school job at the beach boardwalk arcade and amusement park Funland. I couldn’t be made to sit still; we had to go!

Zan indulged my whimsy the next afternoon. After several blissful hours of lying on the beach, we headed to the boardwalk.

We shared a custard cone before heading into Funland ($3).

At Fundland, I cajoled Zan into goofing off in the Photobooth ($2).

We won a stuffed shark showing off our skeeball prowess ($.25/game…. WHAT?!).

We talked smack in bumper cars ($3 for 10 tix).

Combined, our afternoon on the boardwalk cost a mere $10; it was as though we stepped back in time! And speaking of ancient history (hehe), my favorite part was getting a sneak peek into Zan’s life as a teenager. He told me stories of pranks he and the staff used to pull, which rides were still run the same way and insider tips on the games. I’m a veritable Funland expert now!

Until we meet again, Rehoboth…

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  2. Ahh, thanks for the ALL CAPS love, Paul! I’ll post my review of H &Pizza soon – looking forward to grubbing on that (hopefully) next Wednesday while watching SYTYCD!

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