travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

quickly falling for Fast Gourmet

I eat at gas stations a lot these days. When you’re dating a foodie who didn’t have “mac and cheese in a box” until he was in college, you don’t expect a number of your dates to take place in gas stations. Then again, you know they’re going to be good when they do.

Our first gas station date was at Fast Gourmet, a Uruguayan-run sandwich shop located inside a nondescript gas station at 14th and W NW.

Zander pitched Fast Gourmet for lunch one lazy Sunday afternoon, and I could only think two words, “Uhhhh, no?” He had to talk me into it, I’ll admit it. He said to trust him. I begrudgingly did, and like always in those situations, he was right. We parked in a small, unmarked gravel lot across the street, crossed with the seriousness of an undesirable deployment and cautiously stepped into the small shop.

Instantly, I felt at home. Zan squeezed my hand, enjoying the giant smile that spread across my face taking in the funky decor (or at the satisfaction of having been right!). They have a half dozen tables, several of them long and community style. There’s a clear emphasis on being eco-friendly, complete with free-trade coffee, but it’s not pushy. And you can find the menu by looking above the kitchen to the colorful chalkboard.

Their menu boasts unique sandwiches like the Chivito from Uraguay and the Cubano. All sammies are served with french fries or sweet potato fries for a small upcharge.

Zan ordered the Chivito –tenderloin, mozzarella, ham, bacon, olives, eggs and escabech on a hoagie – it’s a mouthful to even say! I couldn’t even tell you what I got because his was so delicious. (So… not only was he right, but I wouldn’t stop eating his food!)

The Chivito is $13, which evoked an involuntary cringe from me, but it’s big enough to share, and did I mention delicious?! The majority of their sandwiches are $8.50. Our total came up to around $25 for the two of us, including drinks.

I love dating someone who expands my culinary horizons, who takes joy in watching me try something new and enjoy it. I especially love it when those new foods are of the scrumptious Uruguayan variety and not plates of pate and fois gras; he’s still working on those…

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