travel, hike, eat. repeat.

my adventures are often on a budget… and always clumsy.

a very #bookbroads happy hour at Boundary Stone

I’ve mostly cut out happy hours from my social repertoire. I know, it’s tragic and it’s anti-D.C. It may even be anti-American!

In fairness, I enjoy a good happy hour as much as the next patriot, but after a few months of attending them regularly, my bank account didn’t appreciate the deals as much as my mind had. Now I’m more discriminating. Last night was one of the times when happy hour was worth it.

I met up with a few members from my book club #bookbroads – Ellie, always supportive Jess (@jesserker) and Social Media Maven Sarah (@sosarahsays) at Boundary Stone Public House in Bloomingdale to discuss our latest read, Unbearable Lightness. These women, and all the others in #bookbroads, are intelligent, funny and snarky – a great combination for a book club as devoted to pursuing intellectual engagement as excellent boozing.

Unbearable Lightness is Portia de Rossi’s account of her lifelong struggle with eating disorders. We complemented our grave discussion with unhealthy foods. While analyzing PdR’s relationship with her mother, we delved into crab dip. While dissecting her sexuality’s role in her disease, we devoured fried pickle speaks. And when we got to the portion of the night wherein we discussed our own bodies and fears, we honed in on four orders of wings, sipping wine and beer to wash it down. Those topics demand a little ironic levity, no?

Boundary Stone is a hipster-friendly, non-hipsters accepted gastro-pub formerly known as a barn. It’s a cool place where the bartenders remember your name and drink order, the whiskey list is endless and the wings are hands down the best in the city.

In April, they added a happy hour out of what I can only call sheer goodwill and altruism, as the place seems to be doing so well I can’t imagine they needed it to drum up business. Nonetheless, we we were stoked to take advantage of the deals; maybe the calories weren’t guilt-free, but the cost was!

Boundary Stone Happy Hour:

Monday-Thursday from 4pm-7pm

Half price wings!!!!! ($4)
$4 Yuengling draft
$5 red & white wines
$5 well drinks

It’s not light, it’s often emotionally unbearable to read, it’s thought-provoking and it’s beautifully written.

From a great piece about Bloomingdale on

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